Graduate Student Perspectives on Equitable Remote Learning

Hybrid remote classes have long been the norm in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) Joint Program (JP), a graduate training program focused on oceanography and applied ocean science in which we are all students. Because the JP serves students located both at MIT in Cambridge, Mass., […]

Tweaking AI software to function like a human brain improves computer’s learning ability

WASHINGTON – Computer-based artificial intelligence can function more like human intelligence when programmed to use a much faster technique for learning new objects, say two neuroscientists who designed such a model that was designed to mirror human visual learning. In the journal Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, Maximilian Riesenhuber, PhD, professor of neuroscience, at Georgetown University […]

Learning energy efficiency networks in Argentina

The Argentinean experience can inform experts on LEEN efforts to make industrial sectors more energy efficient in developing regions. Image credit: Ant Rozetsky Unsplash As stated by the International Energy Agency (IEA) in the Tracking Industry 2020 report, even though direct industrial CO2 emissions, including process emissions, declined 0.6% in 2018 (representing 24% of global […]

Machine learning could lop a year off technology design cycle — ScienceDaily

If everything moved 40,000 times faster, you could eat a fresh tomato three minutes after planting a seed. You could fly from New York to L.A. in half a second. And you’d have waited in line at airport security for that flight for 30 milliseconds. Thanks to machine learning, designing materials for new, advanced technologies […]

Machine learning improves particle accelerator diagnostics

The Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility, a DOE User Facility, features a unique particle accelerator that nuclear physicists use to explore the heart of matter. Credit: DOE’s Jefferson Lab Operators of the primary particle accelerator at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility are getting a new tool to help them quickly […]

Do toddlers learning to spoon-feed seek different information from caregivers’ hands and faces? — ScienceDaily

When toddlers begin to use a spoon to eat by themselves, what kind of interactions occur between them and their caregiver to facilitate this behavior? An international research collaboration led by Kobe University’s Professor NONAKA Tetsushi (Graduate School of Human Development and Environment) and the University of Minnesota’s Professor Thomas A. Stoffregen investigated the interactions […]

Researcher uses machine learning to demonstrate that DNA impacts cancer risk

Lifestyle, or put another way ‘bad habits’, is one of the textbook explanations for why some people are at higher risk for cancer. We often hear that smoking increases our risk of developing lung cancer or that a high-fat diet increases our risk of developing bowel cancer, but not all smokers get lung cancer and […]

Researchers invent an optical convolutional neural network accelerator for machine learning — ScienceDaily

Researchers at the George Washington University, together with researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, and the deep-tech venture startup Optelligence LLC, have developed an optical convolutional neural network accelerator capable of processing large amounts of information, on the order of petabytes, per second. This innovation, which harnesses the massive parallelism of light, heralds […]

How does the brain manage its learning? — ScienceDaily

The famous patient Henry Molaison (long known as H.M.) suffered damage to his hippocampus after a surgical attempt to cure his epilepsy. As a result, he had anterograde amnesia, which meant that things he learned never made it past his short-term memory. Though his memories of childhood remained intact, H.M. might meet with his doctor […]