What led to the emergence of monotheism?

Over half the world practices Christianity, Islam or Judaism, according to Pew Research Center. These religions are all monotheistic, involving the worship of one God. But according to scholars, our modern understanding of monotheism is a recent phenomenon — more recent even than the religions it describes.  So, how did monotheism emerge? The answer is […]

Countries led by women haven’t fared significantly better in the COVID-19 pandemic

IMAGE: Differences in cultural traits by women-led and men-led countries along the dimensions examined in the paper. view more  Credit: Windsor et al, 2020 (PLOS ONE, CC BY 4.0) Countries led by women have not fared significantly better in the COVID-19 pandemic than those led by men- it may be just our Western media bias that […]

Effective posts led to better understanding among new parents — ScienceDaily

When using social media to nudge people toward safe and healthy behaviors, it’s critical to make sure the words match the pictures, according to a new study. After looking at social media posts, parents of young children were better able to recall safety messages such as how to put a baby safely to sleep when […]

The pandemic led to a record drop in carbon emissions

Emissions slowed this year, but not nearly enough. (Troy Squillaci/Pexels/) When COVID-19 lockdowns were at their peak earlier this year, data from several countries showed that those restrictions had an unintentional benefit: clearing the air. In China, Europe, and the US, researchers reported huge drops in air pollutants. At the time, it wasn’t clear what […]

Masks and closures in Arizona led to a 75% decrease in coronavirus cases

Mask mandates, closures of certain businesses and other COVID-19 mitigation strategies implemented over the summer led to a 75% drop in new coronavirus cases in Arizona, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  In stark contrast, when the state’s stay-at-home order was lifted at the start of June, […]