Rare ancient burial contains child whose arms and legs were removed

Archaeologists have discovered the rare burial of a young child who was laid to rest 8,000 years ago without arm and leg bones, a new study finds.  The child, who was no older than 8, was buried on what is now Alor Island, Indonesia. During the burial ceremony, the long bones in the child’s arms […]

Look Ma, no ears! Teensy spiders hear with organ on their legs

Ogre-faced spiders hang from their webs, and like gymnasts, they flip backwards to snatch flying insects from the air. To hear their prey coming, the spiders “listen” for the flap of tiny wings using a special organ in their spindly legs, a new study has found. The organ looks like a patch of parallel slits […]

Ogre-faced spiders ‘hear’ airborne prey with their legs — ScienceDaily

In the dark of night, ogre-faced spiders with dominating big eyes dangle from a silk frame to cast a web and capture their ground prey. But these spiders also can capture insects flying behind them with precision, and Cornell University scientists have now confirmed how. In a new study, researchers confirmed these spiders use metatarsal […]