Bedside lights that do more than shine

Upgrade your bedside lighting. (Amazon/) Our bodies’ circadian rhythms function best with established routines, predictable light, and lower noise levels. When circadian rhythms are functioning well, our sleep is deeper and we wake feeling more rested. However, with so many hours spent indoors and under artificial lighting it’s easy to fall out of rhythm and […]

Ring lights that will make your selfies pop

See yourself better. (Mike Marquez via Unsplash/) You don’t need to be a YouTube or Instagram influencer to invest in a lighting set up that makes you look amazing—especially when it’s this simple. A ring light produces such flattering images because it acts as a filler light, banishing unattractive shadows, and putting the spotlight on […]

Red Bull skydivers recreate mysterious Marfa lights for winter solstice 2020

The winter solstice is here, bringing with it the longest night of the year, making it a great time to look up and gaze at the wonder of the universe.  Red Bull’s skydiving team celebrated the night sky, and the mysterious Marfa lights of a Texas town, in an epic recent nighttime skydive by the […]

How to watch the northern lights across far northern US tonight

A small northern slice of the United States could get a rare glimpse of the northern lights on Thursday (Dec. 10) night.  A geomagnetic storm may cause the lights, or aurora borealis, to dip more southward than usual, according to Space Weather Watch. Earlier this week, there was hope that the northern lights might dip […]

Killer electrons in strumming sky lights

Low-energy (blue) and high-energy (yellow) electrons form during the process that generates the pulsating aurora. The high-energy ‘relativistic’ electrons could cause localized destruction of the ozone. Credit: PsA project Computer simulations explain how electrons with wide-ranging energies rain into Earth’s upper and middle atmosphere during a phenomenon known as the pulsating aurora. The findings, published in […]

Astrophysics team lights the way for more accurate model of the universe — ScienceDaily

Light from distant galaxies reveals important information about the nature of the universe and allows scientists to develop high-precision models of the history, evolution and structure of the cosmos. The gravity associated with massive pockets of dark matter that lie between Earth and these galaxies, however, plays havoc with those galactic light signals. Gravity distorts […]