Scientists develop an efficient way to produce low-cost heatsinks

NUST MISIS scientists found a way to reduce the cost of industrial and electronics heatsinks production up to 10 times. Consequently, the product itself would also cost less. The proposed methods presume the use of rubbers and silicon carbide as components, i.e. these components are mixed, pressed and sintered. The article on the research is […]

Low-cost, portable, and rapidly deployable ventilators

The procurement and maintenance of high‐end ventilators limits their use in emergency situations. By removing the “frills”, researchers create a viable alternative. Ventilators have been one of the mainstays of combatting lung infections due to COVID-19. However, their enormously high cost (up to 50,000 USD) precludes a hospital’s ability to stockpile them for emergencies, such […]