Toddler swallowed half a dozen tiny magnets. Some got stuck in his throat.

After a toddler swallowed six tiny-but-powerful magnets, two of them became stuck in his throat, adhering to each other and pinching his tissue, according to a new report of the case. The 3-year-old swallowed the magnetic beads while his older sister was babysitting him, according to the report, published Jan. 19 in The Journal of […]

Magnets dim natural glow of human cells, may shed light on how animals migrate

Researchers in Japan have made the first observations of biological magnetoreception – live, unaltered cells responding to a magnetic field in real time. This discovery is a crucial step in understanding how animals from birds to butterflies navigate using Earth’s magnetic field and addressing the question of whether weak electromagnetic fields in our environment might […]

New lightweight magnets have possible real-world applications — ScienceDaily

An international team of researchers led by the Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal (UMR 5031, CNRS -University of Bordeaux) has discovered a novel way to design magnets with outstanding physical properties, which could make them complementary to, or even competitive with traditional inorganic magnets, which are widely used in everyday appliances. Magnets are an integral […]