No overall difference in concussion recovery time for male and female college athletes

Philadelphia, January 26, 2021 – Researchers at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and the University of Pennsylvania found female and male collegiate athletes take approximately the same amount of time to recover from a concussion, with subtle differences in recovery time depending on the type of sports being played and the division level of the […]

How the male mantis keeps its head during rough sex

60 percent of sexual encounters between Springboks—one of nearly 2,000 mantis species across the globe—end in males being eaten as snack A male Springbok praying mantis looking for a hook up doesn’t have to worry about a female stealing his heart away. There is, however, a very good change she’ll bite his head off, and […]

Genital shape key to male flies’ sexual success — ScienceDaily

Having genitals of a certain shape and size gives male flies a major reproductive advantage, new research shows. University of Exeter scientists examined the reproductive success of male Drosophila simulans flies both alone with a female and in various states of competition with other males. Certain genital shapes were consistently better in terms of number […]

New mechanism underlying male infertility — ScienceDaily

One essential component of each eukaryotic cell is the cytoskeleton. Microtubules, tiny tubes consisting of a protein called tubulin, are part of this skeleton of cells. Cilia and flagella, which are antenna-like structures that protrude from most of the cells in our body, contain many microtubules. An example of flagell is the sperm tail, which […]

Male fairy-wrens show looks can be deceiving

The researchers found that all male superb fairy-wrens produced and maintained vibrant colours, regardless of their ‘natural quality’. Credit: Alex McQueen In many animals, female preference for males with the most elaborate appearance is an important factor in the evolution of bright and dramatic colors. Females are thought to prefer colorful males because only ‘high-quality’ […]

The secret behind male ornaments

The longer the sword of the male (bottom), the greater the chances of its bearer being interested by a female (top). In the swordtail fish (Xiphophorus hellerii), scientists have now identified the genetic basis of sword growth. Credit: Georg Schneider / University of Würzburg In many species, males have eye-catching characteristics. Although often impractical, they […]

The secret behind male ornaments — ScienceDaily

The tail feathers of the peacock, the enormous horn of male rhinoceros beetles, the protruding antlers of some deer: In nature, there are countless examples of features which at first sight may only have disadvantages for their owners. After all, it is more difficult to hide from a predator when one is wearing a colourful […]

A face mask may turn up a male wrinkle-faced bat’s sex appeal

For tips on how to flirt while wearing a mask, take notes from nature’s experts: male wrinkle-faced bats. The first video of a wrinkle-faced sexual encounter shows a male covering his face with a masklike flap of skin while wooing and then, at a strategic moment, dropping the mask. Even the basics of how bats […]

Study reveals how retinoic acid regulates brood pouch formation and pregnancy of male seahorses

Regulatory role of retinoic acid in the brood pouch formation and pregnancy of male seahorses. Credit: SCSIO Seahorses have the unique characteristic of male pregnancy, which includes the carrying of many embryos in a brood pouch that incubates and nourishes the embryos, similar to the mammalian placenta. However, the regulatory networks underlying brood pouch formation […]

Wrinkle-faced male bats lower face masks to copulate — ScienceDaily

The first behavioral observations of wrinkle-faced bats in their natural habitat reveal that this elusive species uses the rarest form of bat courtship behavior, according to a study published November 11 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Bernal Rodríguez-Herrera of the Universidad de Costa Rica, and colleagues. Centurio senex is a wrinkle-faced bat found […]