Tree Rings Reveal How Ancient Forests Were Managed

Clear-cutting a forest is relatively easy—just pick a tree and start chopping. But there are benefits to more sophisticated forest management. One technique—which involves repeatedly harvesting smaller trees every 30 or so years but leaving an upper story of larger trees for longer periods (60, 90, or 120 years)—ensures a steady supply of […]

Hawaii managed COVID-19 better than any other state, but its residents are still at risk

Hawaiians largely fended off COVID-19, even before the arrival of the vaccine. But some populations remain vulnerable. (Sergeant John Schoebel/U.S. Army National Guard/) Surrounded by Pacific waters, 2,500 miles away from the continental US, Hawaii is in a unique position to weather COVID-19. On the one hand, the state’s economy has nosedived with the tourism […]