You may need to start wearing better face masks

New coronavirus variants spread more easily than earlier versions of the virus. That means you may need to upgrade your face mask, experts say. What does that mean? Many experts are recommending people wear fitted surgical masks, a cloth mask over a surgical mask, multi-layer cloth masks with a non-woven filter, or a well-fitted N95 […]

The places where Americans aren’t wearing masks

Wearing a mask should be second nature to you at this point. (Pixabay/) Follow all of PopSci’s COVID-19 coverage here, including the truth about herd immunity, advice for pregnant women, and a tutorial on making your own mask. After roughly a year of COVID-19, the pandemic continues to press on. New variants from Brazil, South […]

When are two masks better than one for preventing COVID-19?

N95 masks continue to be the gold standard, but if you can’t get your hands on them, a pair of surgical masks could better protect you. (RD Stock Photos/Deposit Photo/) What’s better than one mask? The answer is rather obvious: two. For the better part of the last year, public health officials have been advising […]

From macaques to crabs, wildlife faces threat from face masks

Face masks are proving a deadly hazard for wildlife—a chocking hazard for diminutive macaque monkeys, for example Masks that helped save lives during the coronavirus pandemic are proving a deadly hazard for wildlife, with birds and marine creatures ensnared in the staggering number of discarded facial coverings littering animal habitats. Single-use surgical masks have been […]

Those ‘gas masks’ at the Capitol were actually escape hoods

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Disposable surgical masks best for being heard clearly when speaking, study finds

IMAGE: Masks are an important tool for fighting COVID-19 but wearing one can make it difficult for others to hear us speak. Using a unique laboratory setup, Illinois researcher Ryan Corey… view more  Credit: Photo courtesy Ryan Corey CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Researcher Ryan Corey recently heard from a friend who teaches at a school where some […]

Masks not enough to stop COVID-19’s spread without distancing: study

The device used by researchers to study how masks block simulated respiratory droplets carrying the COVID-19 virus. Credit: Javed Akhtar Simply wearing a mask may not be enough to prevent the spread of COVID-19 without social distancing. In Physics of Fluids, researchers tested how five different types of mask materials impacted the spread of droplets […]

Do I know you? Researchers evaluate how masks disrupt facial perception

IMAGE: The identification of people wearing masks has often presented a unique challenge during the pandemic. A new study by researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) in Israel and… view more  Credit: Chicago Face Database (Ma et al., 2015) BEER-SHEVA, Israel…December 21, 2020 – The identification of people wearing masks has often presented a […]

100 days of wearing masks could make an enormous difference in the pandemic

The more people mask up, the larger these strides will be. Still, even an incremental boost in the number of people who consistently wear masks would have an impact. (Pexels /) Last week, President-elect Joe Biden said that he will ask everybody in the nation to wear masks for the first 100 days after he […]