Money matters to happiness–perhaps more than previously thought — ScienceDaily

What’s the relationship between money and well-being? “It’s one of the most studied questions in my field,” says Matthew Killingsworth, a senior fellow at Penn’s Wharton School who studies human happiness. “I’m very curious about it. Other scientists are curious about it. Laypeople are curious about it. It’s something everyone is navigating all the time.” […]

Dogs may never learn that every sound of a word matters

Credit: Vivien Reicher Despite their excellent auditory capacities, dogs do not attend to differences between words that differ only in one phoneme (e.g., “dog” vs “dig”), according to a new study by Hungarian researchers of the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest (ELTE). In the study, they measured brain activity with non-invasive electroencephalography (EEG) on conscious dogs. […]

When it comes to airborne COVID-19 transmission, droplet size matters

The primary way that people catch COVID-19 is by being in close contact with an infected person. (Pixabay/) Researchers reported last week in the journal Physics of Fluids that tiny particles called aerosols probably don’t spread the virus that causes COVID-19 as effectively as larger droplets that fall quickly to the ground after being exhaled. […]