Researchers use Wikipedia to measure different types of curiosity

An infographic summarizing the team’s research on mapping curiosity styles through Wikipedia browsing and graph theory. Results show that participants tend toward either a “busybody” or “hunter” style, but change throughout the day. Surveys served to link how curious practice might influence emotional well-being and vice versa. Continued research on linking the two will help […]

Researchers measure, model desalination membranes to maximize flow, clean more water

IMAGE: This 3D model of a polymer desalination membrane shows water flow — the silver channels, moving from top to bottom — avoiding dense spots in the membrane and slowing flow. view more  Credit: Image by the Ganapathysubramanian research group/Iowa State University and Gregory Foss/Texas Advanced Computing Center. AMES, Iowa – Nature has figured out how […]

Using Nuclear Fallout to Measure Soil Erosion in Tunisia

After applying conventional methods to fight soil erosion, Tunisia is using cesium-137 (137Cs) to measure their efficiency. The innovative program is fitting for a country where desertification threatens nearly 52% of land suitable for agriculture, forestry, and pasture farming. “Conventional methods require several field visits and many years of measurements, while the fallout […]