Lowering the combustion temperature for methane — ScienceDaily

Natural gas is the cleanest traditional fossil fuel source because it produces relatively low amounts of pollutants like carbon dioxide — a potent greenhouse gas and major contributor to climate change. But greenhouse gases and pollutants released by burning natural gas could be reduced even further with the help of advanced catalysts that help lower […]

Using Reishi mushrooms to filter methane out of the atmosphere

Methane and carbon dioxide are two greenhouse gases that are rapidly accumulating in Earth’s atmosphere. A molecule of methane can absorb 28 times more infrared radiation and heat than a single molecule of carbon dioxide. Due to this effect, these gases are major concerns to scientists who study human-linked climate change on Earth, and their […]

If a planet has a lot of methane in its atmosphere, life is the most likely cause

Artist’s conception of early Earth after several large asteroid impacts, moving magma on to the surface. Credit: Simone Marchi/SwRI The ultra-powerful James Webb Space Telescope will launch soon. Once it’s deployed and in position at the Earth-Sun Lagrange Point 2, it’ll begin work. One of its jobs is to examine the atmospheres of exoplanets and […]

Huge methane cache beneath Arctic could be unlocked by the moon

The moon could be affecting how much methane is released from the Arctic Ocean seafloor, a new study finds.  The tides, which are controlled by the moon, affect how much methane is released from seafloor sediments: Low tides mean less pressure and more methane released, while high tides create more pressure, and therefore less methane […]

New satellites can pinpoint methane leaks to help us beat climate change

Claire, shown during prelaunch testing, has an imaging spectrometer to measure methane. (Courtesy of GHGSat/) On January 13, 2019, while trying to measure the greenhouse gas output of a mud volcano in Turkmenistan, a microwave-size satellite known as Claire stumbled upon something unexpected: an enormous cloud of methane spilling into frame from an area just […]