Modeling Groundwater and Crop Production in the U.S. High Plains

An international team of more than 2 dozen researchers has found a novel approach to modeling groundwater levels and crop production to forecast future resource availability and yields. The model the researchers developed was inspired by ecology’s Lotka-Volterra equations, a mathematical explanation for the cyclical population dynamics of predator and prey species. “We […]

Modeling Gravity Waves with Machine Learning

Gravity waves ripple outward from disturbances in the atmosphere, much like the ripples formed from tossing a stone into a still pond. Researchers know that these waves play a critical role in global atmospheric circulation, moving momentum between different layers. But gravity waves are still not well understood. Their small spatial scale and […]

Modeling the Cascading Infrastructure Impacts of Climate Change

With wildfires burning across the West, hurricanes intensifying in the Southeast, and sea levels rising along nearly every coastline, it has become clear that the United States must adapt its infrastructure to handle increasingly frequent and intense climate shocks. But adaptation is complicated by the fact that links between different infrastructure systems can […]