Gum disease-causing bacteria borrow growth molecules from neighbors to thrive — ScienceDaily

The human body is filled with friendly bacteria. However, some of these microorganisms, such as Veillonella parvula, may be too nice. These peaceful bacteria engage in a one-sided relationship with pathogen Porphyromonas gingivalis, helping the germ multiply and cause gum disease, according to a new University at Buffalo-led study. The research sought to understand how […]

New drug molecules hold promise for treating rare inherited terminal childhood disease

Scientists at the University of Exeter have identified a way to “rescue” cells that have genetically mutated, paving the way to a possible new treatment for rare terminal childhood illness such as mitochondrial disease. The research, funded by the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation in the USA, was led by Professors Matt Whiteman and Tim Etheridge. […]

Key building block for organic molecules discovered in meteorites

IMAGE: A fragment of the Murchison meteorite, one of the three carbon-rich meteorites that was sampled in this study (Photo: Daniel P. Glavin). view more  Credit: Daniel P. Glavin Scientists from Japan and the USA have confirmed the presence in meteorites of a key organic molecule which may have been used to build other organic molecules, […]

Molecules convert visible light into ultraviolet light with record efficiency

Newly developed molecular system makes efficient conversion of sunlight and indoor LEDs into ultraviolet light possible to power photocatalysts that enable a variety of useful reactions. Image credit: Nobuhiro Yanai, Kyushu University Light-powered processes from hydrogen production to air purification could see a boost in performance under ambient light thanks to a new material system […]

Did early life need long, complex molecules to make cell-like compartments?

IMAGE: Membraneless compartments made from short polymers (10 unit long polymer of aspartic acid and 10 unit long lysine). Brightfield image (left) and fluorescent image (right) showing fluorescently labeled RNA (red)… view more  Credit: Fatma Pir Cakmak, Penn State Protocell compartments used as models for an important step in the early evolution of life on Earth […]

Chemical reactions high in Mars’ atmosphere rip apart water molecules

Mars’ water is being skimmed off the top. NASA’S MAVEN spacecraft found water lofted into Mars’ upper atmosphere, where its hydrogen and oxygen atoms are ripped apart, scientists report in the Nov. 13 Science. “This completely changes how we thought hydrogen, in particular, was being lost to space,” says planetary chemist Shane Stone of the […]

Upcycling polyethylene plastic waste into valuable molecules — ScienceDaily

When we started using plastics about 70 years ago, not much thought — if any — was given to the implications of their lifespan and the fact that they can take centuries to decompose. Consequently, as plastics have diversified and become easier to manufacture, the planet is now straddling some 8.3 billion tons of the […]

Discovery of pH-dependent ‘switch’ in interaction between pair of protein molecules

IMAGE: Upper panel: the different interaction sites observed by NMR under different pH conditions. Lower panel: the crystal structures of the complex under two pH conditions have different binding-sites view more  Credit: FENG Yingang All biological processes are in some way pH-dependent. Our human bodies, and those of other organisms, need to maintain specific- and constant- […]