Mini sea monster had teeth as sharp as a saw blade

A sea monster with teeth so sharp they formed a “saw-like blade,” swam in the waters of what is now Morocco about 66 million years ago, a new study finds. Miners discovered the remains of this creature — a lizard-like marine reptile called a mosasaur that lived during the dinosaur age — at the Sidi […]

Monster black hole spews energy as regularly as Yellowstone’s ‘Old Faithful’

At the heart of a galaxy more than 570 million light-years away, energy flares into space so consistently that astrophysicists have dubbed the galaxy Old Faithful, like the famously predictable geyser in Yellowstone National Park. This is the first time such regular and frequent flares have been spotted emanating from a distant galaxy’s core. About […]

Ancient ‘swamp king’ monster croc once terrorized Australia

  A monster croc spanning 16 feet (5 meters) ruled the waterways of south-eastern Queensland in Australia millions of years ago. Researchers from the University of Queensland identified the reptilian giant — now dubbed “swamp king” — after studying its fossilized 25-inch-long (65 centimeters) skull, which was first uncovered in the 1980s.  In Latin, the […]

A surprisingly tiny ancient sea monster lurked in shallow waters

Around 240 million years ago, large reptiles called nothosaurs ruled the seas. These now-extinct sea monsters grew roughly five meters long or longer and flicked their long tails to speed through the water, chasing down fish. Now researchers have found fossils of a type of mini nothosaur with features that suggest the creature lived a […]

Monster bird fossils unearthed in Antarctica

Not long after the dinosaurs went extinct, a new breed of giants rose: Monster birds with wingspans that stretched up to 21 feet (6.4 meters) long, about the length of a U-Haul truck.  These enormous birds darkened the skies above Antarctica as early as 50 million years ago, a new examination of fossils from the […]

The Milky Way’s quiet, introverted monster won’t spin

There’s a beast hiding at the center of the Milky Way, and it’s barely moving. This supermassive black hole, Sagittarius A* (SgrA*), has a mass 4.15 million times that of our sun. It first revealed itself to scientists as a mysterious source of radio waves from the galaxy’s center back in 1931; but it wasn’t […]