Reactive Video playback that you control with your body

Computer scientists have developed an entirely new way of interacting with video content that adapts to, and is controlled by, your body movement. Fitness videos and other instructional content that aims to teach viewers new martial arts skills, exercises or yoga positions have been popular since VHS in the 80s and are abundant on […]

AI predicts which drug combinations kill cancer cells

IMAGE: AI methods can help us perfect drug combinations. view more  Credit: Matti Ahlgren, Aalto University When healthcare professionals treat patients suffering from advanced cancers, they usually need to use a combination of different therapies. In addition to cancer surgery, the patients are often treated with radiation therapy, medication, or both. Medication can be combined, with […]

Smart tablecloth can find fruit and help with watering the plants

IMAGE: The Capacitivo smart fabric can identify fruit and find lost objects. Overall, the system achieved a 94.5% accuracy in testing. view more  Credit: Figure courtesy of XDiscovery Lab. HANOVER, N.H. – October 29, 2020 – Researchers have designed a smart fabric that can detect non-metallic objects ranging from avocadoes to credit cards, according to a […]