Can a mother’s stress impact children’s disease development? University of Cincinnati environmental health researcher says there is a connection between trauma and DNA mutation — ScienceDaily

Stress on an expectant mother could affect her baby’s chance of developing disease — perhaps even over the course of the child’s life, UC researchers have found. Psychosocial factors creating stress — such as lack of social support, loneliness, marriage status or bereavement — may be mutating their child’s mitochondrial DNA and could be a […]

Pfizer vaccine works against coronavirus mutation in UK and S. Africa variants

Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine is effective against a key mutation found in variants of the virus that are spreading faster than the original strain, according to an early study. While viruses mutate all the time, scientists worry that some of the new mutations in the novel coronavirus, specifically those in a new variant discovered in South […]

Diversity, severity of autism symptoms linked to mutation locations

NEW YORK, NY (Dec. 22, 2020)–One of the most recognizable characteristics of autism is an amazing diversity of associated behavioral symptoms. Clinicians view autism as a broad spectrum of related disorders, and the origin of the disease’s heterogeneity has puzzled scientists, doctors, and affected families for decades. In a recent study, researchers at Columbia University […]

Coronavirus mutation may have made it more contagious

IMAGE: The number of virus strains present in each zip code in Houston during the second wave of COVID-19 cases in summer 2020. Number of strains is represented by a spectrum… view more  Credit: Houston Methodist/University of Texas at Austin A study involving more than 5,000 COVID-19 patients in Houston finds that the virus that causes […]

Coronavirus mutation may have made it more contagious — ScienceDaily

A study involving more than 5,000 COVID-19 patients in Houston finds that the virus that causes the disease is accumulating genetic mutations, one of which may have made it more contagious. According to the paper published in the peer-reviewed journal mBIO, that mutation, called D614G, is located in the spike protein that pries open our […]

Inhibitor of KRAS gene mutation shows promise in lung, bowel and other solid tumors

IMAGE: Patient CT scans before and after treatment with adagrasib. Yellow arrow marks location of main tumor. view more  Credit: Pasi A. Jänne New results from early clinical trials of a drug that targets a cancer-causing mutation in the KRAS gene have shown that it can shrink tumours and is well-tolerated by patients. In two presentations […]

Cause of Alzheimer’s disease traced to mutation in common enzyme

IMAGE: The mutant MARK4 creates a form of tau which accumulates easily in brain cells, causing neurons to die. view more  Credit: Tokyo Metropolitan University Tokyo, Japan – Researchers from Tokyo Metropolitan University have discovered a new mechanism by which clumps of tau protein are created in the brain, killing brain cells and causing Alzheimer’s disease. […]