Rich nations ‘hugely exaggerate’ climate finance: study

Under the 2015 Paris climate deal, countries are required to boost funding to hard-hit governments, evenly split between cash to mitigate future climate costs and to help them adapt to the warming planet Rich countries have over-reported finance to help countries adapt to the impacts of climate change by $20 billion over the last decade, […]

Nations failing to fund climate adaptation: UN

Adaptation—reducing the fall out among communities and increasing their capacity to deal with climate-related disasters such as floods and drought—is a key pillar of the landmark 2015 accord The world is falling short of promises made under the Paris climate deal to help the most vulnerable nations deal with the increasingly devastating impacts of climate […]

The Debate over the United Nations’ Energy Emissions Projections

There is no question that climate change is reshaping Planet Earth and that things are getting ugly as global warming progresses. The debate now centers on just how bad things will get. But there are still major uncertainties when it comes to modeling future climate. Chief among them: How much more carbon dioxide […]

Teamwork, rapid data monitoring needed to improve nation’s heart health

DALLAS, Dec. 3, 2020 — For cardiovascular health to improve in the general population, healthcare systems will need to collect and assess treatment data, establish collaboration between researchers and healthcare professionals, and evolve patient care in real-time based on those data, according to “Achieving Optimal Population Cardiovascular Health Requires an Interdisciplinary Team and a Learning […]