Child’s bones buried 40,000 years ago solve long-standing Neanderthal mystery

We don’t know whether it was a boy or a girl. But this ancient child, a Neanderthal, only made it to about two years of age. This short life, lived about 41,000 years ago, was uncovered at a famous archaeological site in southwestern France, called La Ferrassie. The remains of several Neanderthals have been found there, […]

Archaeology: Neanderthal thumbs better adapted to holding tools with handles

Neanderthal thumbs were better adapted to holding tools in the same way that we hold a hammer, according to a paper published in Scientific Reports. The findings suggest that Neanderthals may have found precision grips — where objects are held between the tip of the finger and thumb — more challenging than power ‘squeeze’ grips, […]

Neanderthal children grew and were weaned similarly to modern humans

3D Reconstruction Of The Three Neanderthal Milk Teeth Analyzed. Credit: Federico Lugli Neanderthals behaved similarly to modern humans in raising their children, whose pace of growth was similar to Homo sapiens. Thanks to the combination of geochemical and histological analyzes of three Neanderthal milk teeth, researchers were able to determine their pace of growth and […]