Ecuador finds nest of huge, endangered sea turtle

The leatherback sea turtle is the world’s largest and an endangered species Conservationists in Ecuador have found a nest of endangered leatherback sea turtles, a whopper of a species that can weigh up to a tonne and be three meters (10 feet) long. Also known as the lute turtle (Dermochelys coriacea), it is the world’s […]

200 ‘murder hornet’ queens found inside first US nest of this invasive insect

Entomologists in Washington state may have destroyed a “murder hornet” nest in the nick of time, preventing as many as 200 new queens from establishing new nests.  The nest, the first ever discovered in the United States, was destroyed on Oct. 24. State Department of Agriculture employees vacuumed the invasive hornets from the nest and […]

1st ‘murder hornet’ nest in US found and destroyed

Eleven months after murder hornets were first discovered in the United States, entomologists have tracked down and destroyed the first nest of this invasive, venomous species.  The Asian giant hornet (Vespa mandarinia) nest was found on private property in Blaine, Washington, on Friday (Oct. 23). On Saturday, state Agriculture Department crews donned protective suits and […]

Crews vacuum ‘murder hornets’ out of Washington nest

A Washington State Department of Agriculture workers holds two of the dozens of Asian giant hornets vacuumed from a tree Saturday, Oct. 24, 2020, in Blaine, Wash. Scientists in Washington state discovered the first nest earlier in the week of so-called murder hornets in the United States and worked to wipe it out Saturday morning […]

Washington state discovers first ‘murder hornet’ nest in US

by Nicholas K. Geranios In this Oct. 7, 2020, photo provided by the Washington State Department of Agriculture, a live Asian giant hornet with a tracking device affixed to it sits on an apple in a tree where it was placed, near Blaine, Wash. Washington state officials say they were again unsuccessful at live-tracking an […]