Learning energy efficiency networks in Argentina

The Argentinean experience can inform experts on LEEN efforts to make industrial sectors more energy efficient in developing regions. Image credit: Ant Rozetsky Unsplash As stated by the International Energy Agency (IEA) in the Tracking Industry 2020 report, even though direct industrial CO2 emissions, including process emissions, declined 0.6% in 2018 (representing 24% of global […]

A Smart Solution to Find Leaks in Water Distribution Networks

According to the World Bank, water utilities worldwide lose nearly 48 billion cubic meters of treated water annually from their water distribution systems. This is a financial loss for the utilities and a waste of a precious resource. Thanks to the development of smart demand meters and other Internet of Things technologies, there […]

HSE researchers use neural networks to study DNA

IMAGE: Maria Poptsova, Head of the Laboratory of Bioinformatics (HSE Faculty of Computer Science) view more  Credit: Maria Poptsova HSE scientists have proposed a way to improve the accuracy of finding Z-DNA, or DNA regions that are twisted to the left instead of to the right. To do this, they used neural networks and a dataset […]

Towards 6G wireless communication networks: vision, enabling technologies, and new paradigm shifts

IMAGE: An overview of 6G wireless communication networks view more  Credit: ©Science China Press The fifth generation (5G) wireless communication networks are being deployed worldwide from 2020 and more capabilities are in the process of being standardized, such as mass connectivity, ultra-reliability, and guaranteed low latency. However, 5G will not meet all requirements of the future […]