Mosquito ‘tongue’ neurons ignite like fireworks at taste of human blood

What does your blood taste like to a mosquito? Researchers recently discovered that the delectable flavor of human blood sends sensory neurons igniting like fireworks in a mosquito’s syringe-like “tongue,” a piercing mouthpart called a stylet. Only female mosquitoes feed on blood, and only to nourish their developing eggs — otherwise, they drink flower nectar. […]

Classic optical illusion leads to the discovery of critical neurons in zebrafish.

IMAGE: Isolating a key element in the motion processing using MAE. By inducing an optical illusion in zebrafish larvae, scientists have identified a key cluster of cells in the brain that… view more  Credit: © Fumi Kubo at National Institute of Genetics (NIG) By exposing larval zebrafish to a well-known optical illusion, researchers at the Max […]