Study finds growing numbers of critically endangered sawfish in Miami waters

Figure 3 from the paper: (A) Photograph taken by W. A. Fishbaugh in the 1920s, recorded as taken in Miami (courtesy of State Library & Archives of Florida, Florida: (B) Photograph taken by 2 national park rangers in Biscayne Bay National Park near Elliott Key on 23 November 2018, showing a smalltooth sawfish entangled […]

Sharing doesn’t make you a sucker. This scientist has the numbers to prove it.

Athena Aktipis calls Arizona her home base, but her teams projects spans multiple communities, countries, and continents. (Caitlin O’Hara/) When British-American anthropologist Colin Turnbull published The Mountain People in 1972, he dubbed his subjects—a Ugandan group called the Ik—”the loveless people.” After two years of observations, he decided that they reflected humanity’s basest instincts: adultery, […]

The world’s longest commercial flights, by the numbers

The airline uses an A350-900 for its trips between Singapore and New York City. (Singapore Airlines/) Last week, Singapore Airlines launched what is the longest regularly scheduled flight in the world—at least for the moment. The ultra-long-haul trip is a nonstop connection between New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and Singapore’s Changi Airport. It […]