A robot arm toting a Venus flytrap can grab delicate objects

Venus flytrap grabbing a weight

A new robotic grabber is ripped straight from the plant world. The device, made with a severed piece of a Venus flytrap, can grasp tiny, delicate objects, researchers report January 25 in Nature Electronics. Normally, the carnivorous Dionaea muscipula scores a meal when unsuspecting prey touches delicate hairs on one of the plant’s jawlike leaves, […]

Most accurate map of our galaxy pinpoints 1.8 billion cosmic objects

Astronomers were hit Thursday (Dec. 3) with a huge wave of data from the European Space Agency’s Gaia space observatory. Those researchers can now explore the best-yet map of the Milky Way, with detailed information on the positions, distances and motion of 1.8 billion cosmic objects, to help us better understand our place in the […]

“Robotic snake” can grip and pick up objects

Researchers in Australia take inspiration from nature to create a soft-robotic gripper that moves away from the conventional hand-like design. Soft robots is a burgeoning field combining electrical engineering and materials science to create robots that can move without the traditional use of motors, cogs, hinges, and other joining parts. Instead, movement and actuation come […]

Can you guess the tiny objects in these zoomed-in photos?

Microscopes were invented a good 300 years before photography came into fashion. But it still took a few decades for someone (more specifically, a surgeon in the US Army) to combine the two and make science shine brighter in the public eye. A century and a half later, researchers are still honing their artistic skills […]