Chandra X-ray Observatory studies extraordinary magnetar — ScienceDaily

In 2020, astronomers added a new member to an exclusive family of exotic objects with the discovery of a magnetar. New observations from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory help support the idea that it is also a pulsar, meaning it emits regular pulses of light. Magnetars are a type of neutron star, an incredibly dense object […]

The Arecibo Observatory collapsed this week. What now?

Arecibo’s disk suffered damage in November, before the suspended receiver collapsed completely in December. (University of Central Florida/) On December 1, a crucial cable snapped at the iconic Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. After 57 years catching radio waves from around the cosmos, the 900-ton receiver fell through the air to the ground below, slashing […]

These photos of the Arecibo Observatory telescope collapse are just heartbreaking

Gut-wrenching pictures and video documented the beginning of the end for one of the world’s most iconic telescopes.  The National Science Foundation’s Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, known for its studies of asteroids and aliens and for its cameo in a James Bond film, collapsed this morning (Dec. 1). The 900-ton platform that hung above […]

Puerto Rico’s Arecibo Observatory ‘not closing’ after collapse

The instrument platform of the Arecibo Observatory telescope falls through the air after cables broke Puerto Rico’s Arecibo Observatory could still have a future after its vast telescope dramatically collapsed this week, US officials said Thursday. The structure was destroyed on Tuesday when its 900-ton receiver platform, which was suspended 450 feet (140 meters) in […]

Losing Arecibo Observatory would create a hole that can’t be filled, scientists say

Editor’s note: The National Science Foundation will decommission Arecibo’s radio telescope, the agency announced on Nov. 19. Read the full story here. Arecibo Observatory is facing a mid-life crisis — or something much worse. In one possible future, the facility’s managers work quickly enough to stabilize a massive structure hanging by not-quite-enough-threads and give the […]

Puerto Rico’s iconic Arecibo Observatory will be demolished

Arecibo’s days are done. After two support cables failed in recent months, the radio observatory’s 305-meter-wide dish is damaged beyond repair, the National Science Foundation announced on November 19. It will be decommissioned and dismantled. “It’s a death in the family,” says astronomer Martha Haynes of Cornell University, who has used the telescope in Puerto […]