Physicists observe competition between magnetic orders — ScienceDaily

They are as thin as a hair, only a hundred thousand times thinner — so-called two-dimensional materials, consisting of a single layer of atoms, have been booming in research for years. They became known to a wider audience when two Russian-British scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010 for the discovery of […]

Physicists observe competition between magnetic orders

The system: A crystal lattice made of light traps atoms in several bilayer sheets.Tomographic images show the (spin-) densities in a single layer. They provide information about the magnetic ordering of the atoms. The image on the right shows the density of one layer averaged over twelve realizations (orange red). Credit: Marcell Gall, Nicola Wurz […]

Physicists observe the emergence of collective behaviour — ScienceDaily

Phase transitions describe dramatic changes in properties of a macroscopic system — like the transition from a liquid to a gas. Starting from individual ultracold atoms, Heidelberg University physicists were able to observe the emergence of such a transition with an increasing number of particles. The research work was carried out in the field of […]

Citizen Scientists Observe Mysterious Green Streaks Below STEVE

Citizen scientists are now providing true-color optical imagery using improved digital photography and crowdsourcing of auroral and related nighttime visual emissions. This has led to recent discoveries, for example, of STEVE (Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement) in the sub-auroral ionosphere arising from extreme ion drifts. Two visually distinct components are seen: a mauve […]