The Best Belt Racks To Keep Your Closet Organized

Unlike other articles of clothing, you can’t simply throw a belt in the dirty clothes at the end of the day—and getting them to stay rolled up in a drawer when not in use is nearly impossible. With a belt rack, you’ll easily be able to hang up your belt and other accessories like ties […]

Memories create ‘fingerprints’ that reveal how the brain is organized — ScienceDaily

While the broad architecture and organization of the human brain is universal, new research shows how the differences between how people reimagine common scenarios can be observed in brain activity and quantified. These unique neurological signatures could ultimately be used to understand, study, and even improve treatment of disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. “When people […]

The best bins and baskets to keep your pantry perfectly organized

These four durable BPA-free, shatter-resistant plastic bins are great for maximizing storage space in the refrigerator, freezer, cabinets, cupboards, pantry shelves or inside drawers. These 10-by-6.5-by-8-inch bins can hold any food or kitchen essentials and are perfect for canned goods, dry goods, boxed drinks, cheese, meat, and vegetables. You can also use them to organize […]