Retracted scientific paper persists in new citations, study finds

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A small portion of scientific papers are retracted for research that is in error or fraudulent. But those papers can continue to be cited by other scientists in their work, potentially passing along the misinformation from the retracted articles. Jodi Schneider, a professor of information sciences at the University of Illinois […]

Self-folding paper structures, right out of the printer

Scientists develop a simple method that mimics plant motion to get paper to fold itself after printing. The field of robotics frequently takes inspiration from nature, with many designs aiming to mimic the efficiency and versatility inherent in biological systems, such as the movement of muscles or the dexterity of the human hand. But it’s […]

Paper addresses fieldwork safety for minority scientists

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Scientists and graduate students with minority identities who conduct fieldwork report being stalked, followed, sexually assaulted, harassed, threatened, having guns pulled on them and police called on them. These issues threaten minority-identity researchers’ physical health and safety during fieldwork, while also affecting their mental health, productivity and professional development. A paper […]

Could excessive sugar intake contribute to aggressive behaviors, ADHD, bipolar disorder? New peer-review paper looks at evolution and current Western diet to help explain manic behaviors — ScienceDaily

New research suggests that conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome (ADHD), bipolar disorder, and even aggressive behaviors may be linked with sugar intake, and that it may have an evolutionary basis. The research, out today from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus and published in Evolution and Human Behavior, presents a hypothesis supporting […]

Researchers Are Substantially Undercounting Gene-Editing Errors, Concludes a New Paper

CRISPR Enzyme on DNA

by Jonathan Latham, PhD The standard gene-editing tool, CRISPR-Cas9, frequently produces a type of DNA mutation that ordinary genetic analysis misses, claims new research published in the journal Science Advances. In describing these findings the researchers called such oversights “serious pitfalls” of gene editing (Skryabin et al., 2020). In all, the new results suggest that […]