Parasite found in cat poop linked to higher brain cancer risk in humans

Here’s another reason to cook your meat and take care around cat litter: The parasite Toxoplasma gondii, which reproduces in cats and most often spreads to humans through raw meat, may increase the risk of brain cancer in humans, a new study suggests. The researchers found a link between the presence of T. gondii antibodies […]

New mutations in malaria parasite encourage resistance against key preventive drug

IMAGE: SEM of a mosquito (Anopheles stephensi) clearly showing the wing, proboscis, antennae, abdomen and legs. Anopheles stephensi is one of the major vectors of urban malaria in India and some… view more  Credit: Lauren Holden, Wellcome Collection (CC BY 4.0) In the ongoing arms race between humans and the parasite that causes malaria, Taane Clark […]

Cell atlas of tropical disease parasite may hold key to new treatments

The first cell atlas of an important life stage of Schistosoma mansoni, a parasitic worm that poses a risk to hundreds of millions of people each year, has been developed by researchers at the Wellcome Sanger Institute and their collaborators. The study, published today (18 December 2020) in Nature Communications, identified 13 distinct cell types […]