Industry collaboration leads to important milestone in the creation of a quantum computer

IMAGE: (a) Scanning electron image of one of the Foundry-fabricated quantum dot devices. Four quantum dots can be formed in the silicon (dark grey), using four independent control wires (light grey)…. view more  Credit: Fabio Ansaloni Quantum computer: One of the obstacles for progress in the quest for a working quantum computer has been that the […]

Detective work in theoretical physics

IMAGE: Time axis showing the number of publications relating to dynamical density functional theory. view more  Credit: M. te Vrugt et al. Scientific articles in the field of physics are mostly very short and deal with a very restricted topic. A remarkable exception to this is an article published recently by physicists from the Universities of […]

Theory describes quantum phenomenon in nanomaterials

IMAGE: A quantum dot (the yellow part) is connected to two lead electrodes (the blue parts). Electrons tunneling into the quantum dot from the electrodes interact with each other to form… view more  Credit: Rui Sakano Theoretical physicists Yoshimichi Teratani and Akira Oguri of Osaka City University, and Rui Sakano of the University of Tokyo have […]

Novel method reveals small microplastics throughout Japan’s subtropical ocean

IMAGE: Six areas around Okinawa were visited to collect samples for analyzing the marine microplastics – two were to the south of the island, two around the center, and two to… view more  Credit: OIST Research conducted in the Light-Matter Interactions for Quantum Technologies Unit at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) […]

Artificial intelligence improves control of powerful plasma accelerators

IMAGE: The gas cell used as a plasma source. The laser arrives from the right of these images through the metal cone and enters the little cube, which is filled with… view more  Credit: Rob Shalloo Researchers have used AI to control beams for the next generation of smaller, cheaper accelerators for research, medical and industrial […]

Voyager spacecraft detect new type of solar electron burst

IMAGE: The Voyager spacecraft continue to make discoveries even as they travel through interstellar space. In a new study, University of Iowa physicists report on the Voyagers’ detection of cosmic ray… view more  Credit: NASA/JPL More than 40 years since they launched, the Voyager spacecraft are still making discoveries. In a new study, a team of […]

No losses: Scientists stuff graphene with light

IMAGE: Header Image view more  Credit: Daria Sokol/MIPT Press Office Physicists from MIPT and Vladimir State University, Russia, have achieved a nearly 90% efficiency converting light energy into surface waves on graphene. They relied on a laser-like energy conversion scheme and collective resonances. The paper came out in Laser & Photonics Reviews. Manipulating light at the […]

Manchester group discover new family of quasiparticles in graphene-based materials

A group of researchers led by Sir Andre Geim and Dr Alexey Berdyugin at The University of Manchester have discovered and characterised a new family of quasiparticles named ‘Brown-Zak fermions’ in graphene-based superlattices. The team achieved this breakthrough by aligning the atomic lattice of a graphene layer to that of an insulating boron nitride sheet, […]

Surrey helps to produce the world’s first neutron-rich, radioactive tantalum ions

An international team of scientists have unveiled the world’s first production of a purified beam of neutron-rich, radioactive tantalum ions. This development could now allow for lab-based experiments on exploding stars helping scientists to answer long-held questions such as “where does gold come from?” In a paper published in Physical Review Letters, the University of […]