Effects of head trauma from intimate partner violence largely unrecognized

While there is an abundant amount of research about traumatic brain injuries in athletes and those serving in the military, the same data is scarce when it comes to concussions and head and neck injuries sustained due to intimate partner violence. Carrie Esopenko, assistant professor in the Department of Rehabilitation and Movement Sciences in the […]

Mummified baboons may identify lost land of Punt, ancient Egypt’s trading partner

Mummified baboons may reveal the location of the lost land of Punt, ancient Egypt’s mysterious and most-valued trading partner.  Ancient Egyptian texts make clear that Punt was somewhere to the south and east of Egypt, a place that could be reached by either land or sea. Unfortunately, a large region meets that description, ranging from […]

Forearm fractures may signal intimate partner violence

IMAGE: X-ray shows fracture to the ulna bone of the forearm. view more  Credit: Radiological Society of North America OAK BROOK, Ill. – Up to one-third of adult women who sustain a non-displaced fracture to the ulna bone of the forearm may be victims of intimate partner violence, according to a study being presented at the […]