Corona vaccination: Approach receives approval

“74 percent of the respondents consider the national vaccination strategy to be appropriate,” says BfR-President Professor Dr. Dr. Andreas Hensel. “This indicates that the strategy is accepted.” While some regulations, such as the cancellation of events or the quarantine measures, have always been met with approval in recent months, other measures are now less accepted. […]

Neuronal recycling: This is how our brain allows us to read

Letters, syllables, words and sentences–spatially arranged sets of symbols that acquire meaning when we read them. But is there an area and cognitive mechanism in our brain that is specifically devoted to reading? Probably not; written language is too much of a recent invention for the brain to have developed structures specifically dedicated to it. […]

Research finds people more likely to follow Covid rules when friends and family do

New research has shown that people are more likely to follow Covid-19 restrictions based on what their friends do, rather than their own principles. Research led by the University of Nottingham carried out in partnership with experts in collective behaviour from British, French, German and American universities shows how social influence affects people’s adherance to […]

Do children view punishment as rehabilitative? A new study takes a look

The United States incarcerates more residents than any other country, however there is limited research that examines how people view such punishment, and whether views about punishment change with development. Previous research on this topic raises two very different possibilities: 1) children are typically more optimistic than adults, making them more likely to report that […]

Study: Religion, psychology share methods for reducing distress

IMAGE: Psychology professors Sanda Dolcos, left, and Florin Dolcos led a study of religiosity and emotion-regulation strategies among healthy adults. view more  Credit: Photo by L. Brian Stauffer CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Religious people facing life crises rely on emotion-regulation strategies that psychologists also use, a new study finds. They look for positive ways of thinking about […]

How our brains track where we and others go

As COVID cases rise, physically distancing yourself from other people has never been more important. Now a new UCLA study reveals how your brain navigates places and monitors someone else in the same location. Published Dec. 23 in Nature, the findings suggest that our brains generate a common code to mark where other people are […]

Covering faces around kids won’t mask emotions

IMAGE: Kids were able to correctly identify emotions on faces displaying (from left) sadness, anger and fear even when they were covered by a surgical mask. view more  Credit: Image courtesy Ashley Ruba. MADISON — The proliferation of face coverings to keep COVID-19 in check isn’t keeping kids from understanding facial expressions, according to a new […]

Do I know you? Researchers evaluate how masks disrupt facial perception

IMAGE: The identification of people wearing masks has often presented a unique challenge during the pandemic. A new study by researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) in Israel and… view more  Credit: Chicago Face Database (Ma et al., 2015) BEER-SHEVA, Israel…December 21, 2020 – The identification of people wearing masks has often presented a […]

Researchers reveal how our brains know when something’s different

IMAGE: NIH scientists discovered how a set of high frequency brain waves may help us unconsciously set expectations of the world around us and know when something’s different by comparing memories… view more  Credit: Courtesy of Zaghloul lab, NIH/NINDS. Imagine you are sitting on the couch in your living room reading. You do it almost every […]