Rethinking spin chemistry from a quantum perspective

A quantum circuit that enables for the maximum probability of P(0) in the measurement of the parameter J. Credit: K. Sugisaki, K. Sato and T. Takui Researchers at Osaka City University use quantum superposition states and Bayesian inference to create a quantum algorithm, easily executable on quantum computers, that accurately and directly calculates energy differences […]

Perspective: Why opioids cannot fix chronic pain

A broken heart is often harder to heal than a broken leg. Now researchers say that a broken heart can contribute to lasting chronic pain. In a reflections column published Dec. 21 in the Annals of Family Medicine, pain experts Mark Sullivan and Jane Ballantyne at the University of Washington School of Medicine, say emotional […]

Changing the perspective on the ‘Cinderella of the cytoskeleton’

SETD2 is a protein well known as a chromatin remodeler, one that helps turn genes on or off by modifying histone proteins in the nucleus of the cell. When researchers discovered that SETD2 is mutated or lost in several cancer types, most commonly a type of kidney cancer called clear-cell renal cell carcinoma, all eyes […]

A Fresh Perspective on Intricate Volcanic Plumbing Systems

In January 2020, the Taal volcano in the Philippines erupted for the first time since 1977, spewing steam, tephra, and lava for 10 days. Millions of nearby inhabitants were put at risk from falling ash and poor air quality. Like many of our volcanologist colleagues, we were interviewed by media outlets to provide […]

Advancing AI for Earth Science: A Data Systems Perspective

The Earth sciences present uniquely challenging problems, from detecting and predicting changes in Earth’s ecosystems in response to climate change to understanding interactions among the ocean, atmosphere, and land in the climate system. Helping address these problems, however, is a wealth of data sets—containing atmospheric, environmental, oceanographic, and other information—that are mostly open […]