Biotech cotton key to eliminating devastating pest from US and Mexico — ScienceDaily

For much of the past century, the invasive pink bollworm wreaked havoc in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico — inflicting tens of millions of dollars in damage annually to cotton on both sides of the border. A multifaceted strategy combining genetically engineered cotton with classical pest control tactics eradicated the pink bollworm from […]

Striving for a better understanding of pest resistance in experimental lines

Fall Armyworm feeding on bermudagrass clippings. Credit: Gurjit Singh Tifton, Georgia: A study out of the University of Georgia sought to determine the level of host plant resistance that can be assured by several promising experimental bermudagrass genotypes against potential damages committed by the fall armyworm. Researchers Gurjit Singh, Shimat Joseph, and Brian Schwartz evaluated […]