Scientists study use of abundant enzyme in tumor cells to monitor cancer treatment

IMAGE: The team led by Carmen Ferreira-Halder at Unicamps Bioassay and Signal Tranduction Laboratory conclude that the molecule is associated with chemotherapy resistance and metastasis. view more  Credit: Roberta Ruela de Souza The abundant presence of an enzyme known as low molecular weight protein tyrosine phosphatase (LMWPTP) in tumor cells has long been considered an indicator […]

Bacterium produces pharmaceutical all-purpose weapon

IMAGE: From left: Dr. René Richarz with an agar plate containing the bacterium, Cornelia Hermes with an extract obtained from the bacterium, and working group leader Dr. Max Crüsemann. A coralberry… view more  Credit: © AG Crüsemann / University of Bonn For some years, an active substance from the leaves of an ornamental plant has been […]

UC researcher urges caution using remdesivir to treat COVID-19

IMAGE: Bingfang Yan is a professor at the University of Cincinnati’s James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy. Yan’s UC laboratory studies how drugs are metabolized in the body to see if… view more  Credit: University of Cincinnati While the world has its eyes on vaccines to stop the spread of coronavirus, therapeutics are still necessary to […]

Scientists turned toxic pesticide into treatment against antibiotic-resistant bacteria

N-Aryl-C-nitroazoles are an important class of heterocyclic compounds. They are used as pesticides and fungicides. However, these substances could be toxic to humans and cause mutations. As they are not frequently used, there is little data about them in the medicinal chemistry literature. However, it has been suggested recently that the groups of compounds that […]

HKU chemists develop a new drug discovery strategy for “undruggable” drug targets

IMAGE: Graphic illustration of the work: DNA-programmed affinity labelling (DPAL) enables the direct screening of DNA-encoded chemical libraries (DELs) against membrane protein targets on live cells to create novel drug discovery… view more  Credit: The University of Hong Kong A research team led by Dr Xiaoyu LI from the Research Division for Chemistry, Faculty of Science, […]

Reversible stickiness is something to smile about

IMAGE: To facilitate the debonding of dental restorative materials adhered on tooth surfaces, UV light-embrittled dental resin cement containing photodegradable polyrotacane (PRX) cross-linkers was developed. PRX is a supramolecular interlocked polymer… view more  Credit: Department of Organic Biomaterials,TMDU Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) researchers report a cross-linker for dental cement that breaks down under UV […]

Warning signs over effectiveness of HIV ‘wonder drug’ in sub-Saharan Africa

Dolutegravir, the current first-line treatment for HIV, may not be as effective as hoped in sub-Saharan Africa, suggests new research published on World AIDS Day. The study finds that this so-called ‘wonder drug’ may be less effective in patients resistant to older drugs. As HIV copies itself and replicates, it can develop errors, or ‘mutations’, […]

German researchers compile world’s largest inventory of known plant species

IMAGE: Leipzig is host to the oldest botanical garden in Germany. On an area of only three hectares, around 6500 of the 350,000 plant species worldwide grow here. view more  Credit: Swen Reichhold Leipzig could mean for the future of plant taxonomy what Greenwich meant for world time until 1972: it could become the reference city […]

New mechanism of pain control revealed

IMAGE: Research out of Kyushu University has shown that a unique population of astrocytes, marked with bright yellow here, in the dorsal horn of the mouse spinal cord can be activated… view more  Credit: Makoto Tsuda, Kyushu University Researchers in Japan have revealed a previously unknown mechanism for pain control involving a newly identified group of […]

New therapy for flu may help in fight against COVID-19

IMAGE: Philip S. Low, the Ralph C. Corley Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, is developing a new therapy for flu that may help in the fight against COVID-19. view more  Credit: John Underwood/Purdue University WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – A new therapy for influenza virus infections that may also prove effective against many other pathogenic virus infections, including […]