Scientists shed light on how and why some people report “hearing the dead”

IMAGE: The Fox sisters: Kate (1838-92), Leah (1814-90) and Margaret (or Maggie) (1836-93). Lithograph after a daguerreotype by Appleby. Published by N. Currier, New York. In 1848, two sisters from upstate… view more  Credit: N. Currier, New York Spiritualist mediums might be more prone to immersive mental activities and unusual auditory experiences early in life, according […]

Study: Religion, psychology share methods for reducing distress

IMAGE: Psychology professors Sanda Dolcos, left, and Florin Dolcos led a study of religiosity and emotion-regulation strategies among healthy adults. view more  Credit: Photo by L. Brian Stauffer CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Religious people facing life crises rely on emotion-regulation strategies that psychologists also use, a new study finds. They look for positive ways of thinking about […]