Stunning photo of Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will amaze you

An amateur astro-photographer captured a stunning image of the “Great Conjunction” of Jupiter and Saturn Monday night (Dec. 21), revealing the solar system’s giant and its moons just a fingernail-width away (from our perspective) from Saturn, whose rings are shockingly clear in the night sky.  Though the image was captured with a camera attached to […]

How and when to shoot with Apple’s hidden new photo format

Presets like the one from Mastin Labs used here take better to raw images. (Stan Horaczek /) This week, Apple introduced iOS 14.3. Tucked in with its typical array of bug fixes and new features, the company rolled out its new ProRAW photo format for the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. It’s not on […]

Creating this photo of sun trails took eight years and a beer can

The lines across the sky show the sun’s path. The speckles in the lines show where clouds obscured the sun. (University of Hertfordshire/) You don’t need a lot of fancy materials to make a very basic camera. Whether it’s an old coffee can or a discarded oatmeal container, you can put some photosensitive paper in […]

Longest-exposure photo ever was just discovered. It was made through a beer can.

Eight years and one month ago, a Master of Fine Art student at the University of Hertfordshire fitted a beer can with photographic paper and created a low-tech pinhole camera. She then placed the can on a telescope at the university’s Bayfordbury Observatory and eventually forgot about the project.  Now, the resulting photograph has been […]

Alien-like photo shows snake eel dangling out of heron’s stomach in midair

A snake eel fighting for its life pulled an “alien” move by bursting out of the stomach of a heron that had just swallowed it whole, according to photos snapped by an amateur photographer in Delaware. The photos show the snake eel, its head dangling in midair, as the heron — looking surprisingly unbothered — […]

Pocket photo printers that turn any smartphone into an instant camera

Print your memories. (Rafael Leão via Unsplash/) Sometimes you want the immediacy of the Polaroid camera—where you snap a photo, and watch it develop in real time (shaking it a bit, for good measure). But the shots are one and done—you don’t get digital files, and you might not be able to fiddle with settings […]

Glowing brains, fish embryos and a snail tongue taste success in microscopy photo contest

A vibrant, blue-and-orange hued photo highlighting the tiny vessels in and around the brain of a young zebrafish won first place in the Nikon Small World photography contest, an annual competition showcasing photos of our world at the microscopic level, Nikon representatives announced today (Oct. 13). In this jaw-dropping image, lymphatic vessels in the fish’s […]