How one physicist is unraveling the mathematics of knitting

person knitting blue and yellow pattern

Physicist Elisabetta Matsumoto is an avid knitter and has been since taking up the hobby as a child. During graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania in 2009, Matsumoto came across an unusually knotty stitch while knitting a pattern for a Japanese red dragon. “I have books with thousands of different stitch patterns, but the […]

Racist physicist sneers at Einstein and Jews in a 1927 anti-Semitic letter up for auction

In 1927, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist named Philipp Lenard penned a letter to a colleague complaining about recent achievements by Albert Einstein and musing that academia and the sciences were becoming dominated by Jews.  Lenard, an early supporter of Germany’s Nazi Party, remarked that a prestigious appointment for Einstein was undeserved; he then wondered if […]