The places where Americans aren’t wearing masks

Wearing a mask should be second nature to you at this point. (Pixabay/) Follow all of PopSci’s COVID-19 coverage here, including the truth about herd immunity, advice for pregnant women, and a tutorial on making your own mask. After roughly a year of COVID-19, the pandemic continues to press on. New variants from Brazil, South […]

First of its kind mapping of most important places for freshwater, recreation and carbon storage provides tool for conservation decisions — ScienceDaily

To stop biodiversity loss, Canada recently committed to protecting 30% of its land and sea by 2030. But making conservation decisions about where to locate new protected areas is complicated. It depends on data both about biodiversity and about a range of benefits (e.g. freshwater, climate regulation, recreation) that people get from nature. Surprisingly, despite […]

Feds calculate riskiest, safest places in US

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Spending her life in Los Angeles, Morgan Andersen knows natural disasters all too well. In college, an earthquake shook her home hard. Her grandfather was affected by recent wildfires in neighboring Orange County. “It’s just that constant reminder, ‘Oh yeah, we live somewhere where there’s natural disasters and they can strike […]

The most life-friendly places on ancient Mars were deep below its surface

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Microplastics are showing up in places as remote as Mount Everest

Minuscule shreds and threads of plastic are turning up all over, including in the snow on Mount Everest. “We’ve known that plastic is in the deep sea, and now it’s on the tallest mountain on Earth,” says Imogen Napper, a marine scientist at the University of Plymouth in England and a National Geographic Explorer. “It’s […]

Why women make way less than men do in more religious places

Why is there a persistent wage gap between men and women? Turns out, religion may play a big role in the disparity.  New research finds that the wage gap is 8 percentage points wider in the five most religious states than in the five most secular, with women making 18% less than men in the […]

Planets with many neighbors may be the best places to look for life

If you’re looking for life beyond the solar system, there’s strength in numbers. A new study suggests that systems with multiple planets tend to have rounder orbits than those with just one, indicating a calmer family history. Only child systems and planets with more erratic paths hint at past planetary sibling clashes violent enough to […]

Atlantis isn’t real, but here are all the places it could have been

This map shows some of the places people have thought Atlantis might be hiding. (Craig Taylor/) Plato first described the lost kingdom of Atlantis in 360 BCE. He wrote of a mountainous island crafted by Poseidon, filled with elephants and gold. But around 9,000 years prior, he claimed, earthquakes and floods sank the city into […]

Big payoff if Nature ‘restored’ in the right places

Returning wetlands to their natural state would bring the highest return on investment, both in preventing species loss and slowing the pace of global warming Restoring 30 percent of ecosystems long-since converted to agriculture and other human needs could avoid 70 percent of predicted species extinctions and absorb half the CO2 humanity has released into […]