How Biden plans to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic

Lincoln Memorial covid ceremony

Inauguration Day marks both a grim milestone in the coronavirus pandemic and a new chapter in the U.S. response to it. On January 19, the United States surpassed 400,000 coronavirus deaths. A day later, newly sworn-in President Joe Biden was poised to launch an ambitious plan to tackle the public health crisis, including distributing 100 […]

Hyundai plans to build dozens of vehicles on its new modular EV platform

Hyundai’s EV system combines essential components to maximize efficiency. (Hyundai/) Manufacturers can technically “electrify” vehicles by swapping out the internal combustion engine for electric parts. But, that strategy doesn’t allow them to take full advantage of what EVs have to offer. To avoid that trap, Hyundai built its new Electric Global Modular Platform—or E-GMP—from scratch […]

Finland’s battery plans spark environmental fears

Finland is the only EU country whose bedrock is known to contain all the major battery minerals—including cobalt and lithium—and the Nordic nation is drawing up plans to exploit these resources in order to become a major industry player Lines of trucks carrying piles of rock crisscross Finland’s rugged Terrafame mine, which sits 300km (186 […]