Podcast: From Athlete to Astronaut

Note: Scroll down for a complete transcript of this episode of Third Pod from the Sun. Leland Melvin’s scientific career began during his childhood in Lynchburg, Va., when he created a fantastic explosion in his living room with an at-home chemistry set. Little did Melvin or his family know that he would become […]

Podcast: Songs of the Arches (with Helicopters)

 The winds that carved the sandstone of Arches National Park into spectacular arches and towers also pluck them like giant guitar strings, making them ring at low frequencies. Geoscientist Riley Finnegan and her colleagues in the Geohazards research group at the University of Utah are recording these arch songs in the park […]

Podcast: Mythical Monsters and Their Real-Life Inspirations

  Throughout history, stories have been told about fantastical creatures that spark the imagination. From Bigfoot to the Loch Ness Monster, from mermaids to the Kraken, tales of supposed firsthand accounts have been passed down through generations. Although there is no evidence backing the existence of these creatures, either in present day or at […]