Skin Cell Atlas points to new drug targets for inflammatory diseases — ScienceDaily

Scientists have created a highly detailed map of skin, which reveals that cellular processes from development are re-activated in cells from patients with inflammatory skin disease. The researchers from the Wellcome Sanger Institute, Newcastle University and Kings College London, discovered that skin from eczema and psoriasis patients share many of the same molecular pathways as […]

More evidence points to long-lasting COVID-19 immunity

We won’t achieve herd immunity without vaccines. (Navy Medicine/) Immunity is a wildly complicated area, but for the past nine months or so it’s been all anyone wants to hear about. Everyone has been hanging their hope on small bits of evidence that immunity to COVID-19 will be robust and long-lasting. Recent evidence has been […]

Climate hope with “positive tipping points”

Small changes in societies’ behaviors could lead to positive cascading effects that will mitigate climate change. Image credit: Pratik Gupta on Unsplash When it comes to the climate emergency, the term “tipping point” is gaining ever-increasing usage as the effects of greenhouse gas emissions become more visible. In this context, a tipping point is the […]

Positive ‘tipping points’ offer hope for climate

Positive “tipping points” could spark cascading changes that accelerate action on climate change, experts say. A tipping point is a moment when a small change triggers a large, often irreversible, response. Professor Tim Lenton, Director of the Global Systems Institute (GSI) at the University of Exeter, has previously warned the world is “dangerously close” […]

Study points to sudden decrease of precipitation as cause — ScienceDaily

Most of the mangrove forests on the coasts of Oman disappeared about 6,000 years ago. Until now, the reason for this was not entirely clear. A current study of the University of Bonn (Germany) now sheds light on this: It indicates that the collapse of coastal ecosystems was caused by climatic changes. In contrast, falling […]

Study points the way to boost immunotherapy against breast cancer, other solid tumors

IMAGE: UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Jonathan S. Serody, MD, and colleagues report that adding a small molecule to a chimeric antigen receptor-T (CAR-T) cell therapy can help immune system T… view more  Credit: UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center CHAPEL HILL, NC–Boosting immune system T cells to effectively attack solid tumors, such as breast cancers, can […]

Field geology at Mars’ equator points to ancient megaflood

This composite, false-color image of Mount Sharp inside Gale crater on Mars shows geologists a changing planetary environment. On Mars, the sky is not blue, but the image was made to resemble Earth so that scientists could distinguish stratification layers. Credit: NASA/JPL Floods of unimaginable magnitude once washed through Gale Crater on Mars’ equator around […]

Study points way to possible new treatment for ligament injuries

IMAGE: Exosome educated macrophages (EEMs) and exosomes differentially improve ligament healing. EEM treatment to an injured rat medial collateral ligament (MCL) resulted in reduced inflammation and improved ligament strength. In contrast,… view more  Credit: AlphaMed Press Durham, NC -Each year ligament injuries sideline thousands of athletes and regular citizens. Recovery is long and painful, and sometimes […]