These snakes wiggle up smooth poles by turning their bodies into “lassoes”

Biologists discovered a previously unknown form of movement that the brown tree snakes use to climb wide objects, like poles. (Bruce Jayne/) When the brown tree snake is determined to climb something, it’s pretty hard to stop it. For decades, the invasive reptiles have slithered up trees to feast upon the forest birds of Guam. […]

A mysterious ‘wobble’ is moving Mars’ poles around

The Red Planet is wiggling and wobbling as it spins, research in the journal Geophysical Research Letters confirms, and astronomers have no idea why. Like a toy top that teeters as it loses speed, the poles of Mars are wandering ever-so-slightly away from the planet’s axis of rotation, moving about 4 inches (10 centimeters) off-center […]

Moon May Hold Billions of Tons of Subterranean Ice at Its Poles

New research indicates that if even a moderate amount of the water delivered by asteroids to the Moon was sequestered, the lunar poles would contain gigaton deposits (1 billion metric tons) of ice in sheltered craters and beneath its surface. By modeling over 4 billion years of the Moon’s impact history, researchers were […]