Landmark climate policy faces growing claims of environmental racism

Credit: CC0 Public Domain When California passed its landmark cap-and-trade law in 2006, supporters were hopeful that the program would provide the template for other states—and eventually the federal government—to solve the climate crisis. Now, many environmental groups are increasingly saying the program has done little to curb climate change. Worse, they say, it is […]

Women Are Still Not Heard in the Climate Policy Conversation

Climate change effects don’t have the same impact on everyone: Vulnerable groups always have it worse. This discrepancy is apparent even when these groups are not minorities, which is the case for women—half of the world’s population. A new case study from Brazil shows that even when policymaking processes are highly participatory and […]

A multidisciplinary policy design to protect consumers from AI collusion

Legal scholars, computer scientists and economists must work together to prevent unlawful price-surging behaviors from artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms used by rivals in a competitive market, argue Emilio Calvano and colleagues in this Policy Forum. Whether this algorithmic collusion – when prices are unlawfully raised by profit-hungry competitors who agree behind closed doors to deceive […]

Policy, not tech, spurred Danish dominance in wind energy — ScienceDaily

In emerging renewable energy industries, are producers’ decisions to shut down or upgrade aging equipment influenced more by technology improvements or government policies? It’s an important long-term question for policymakers seeking to increase renewable electricity production, cost-effectiveness and efficiency with limited budgets, says C.-Y. Cynthia Lin Lawell, associate professor in the Charles H. Dyson School […]

All the ways the 2020 election has influenced science policy so far

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The soft power concept of German energy foreign policy

As part of its foreign policy, Germany hopes to promote energy transitions abroad through international energy partnerships. A new study by the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) analyses these bilateral energy partnerships. Building on its reputation as an energy transition frontrunner, Germany is currently pursuing a soft power strategy aimed at winning over foreign […]