Facts don’t convince people in political arguments. Here’s what does.

In his inaugural address last week, President Joe Biden called for unity. But how can Americans come together, given what seems to be growing political contention and deep divides?  New research suggests the answer can be found in stories, not statistics. People respect those they disagree with more when their position comes from a place […]

Could the “overview effect” calm political polarization?

In a special edition of the science journal Futures, Sanjoy Som considers the future evolution of the Earth through investigating the longevity of humanity. This article is an exploration of his thoughts, previous work on this topic, and was reviewed by fellow scientists. Astrobiologists study the origins, evolution, and future life of the universe. As […]

10 times the US Capital weathered political violence

Washington, D.C., is home to the nation’s capital, as well as the aptly named Capitol building where the U.S. Senate and House create, debate and pass bills and help to govern the country. On Wednesday (Jan. 6), a mob of supporters for President Donald Trump, who falsely claimed he had won the election, stormed the […]