Parasite found in cat poop linked to higher brain cancer risk in humans

Here’s another reason to cook your meat and take care around cat litter: The parasite Toxoplasma gondii, which reproduces in cats and most often spreads to humans through raw meat, may increase the risk of brain cancer in humans, a new study suggests. The researchers found a link between the presence of T. gondii antibodies […]

Bees defeat ‘murder hornet’ relatives with poop

Giant hornets such as the enormous “murder hornet” and others in the Vespa genus, are highly aggressive and deadly beehive invaders. However, Asian honey bees can defend themselves against these insect predators by smearing animal feces around the hive entrance. When giant hornets target a beehive, they attack as a group and overwhelm the colony. […]

Giant pandas have winter poop parties, rolling around in horse manure

It seems only fitting that 2020 would be the year when we learn that giant pandas, arguably the cutest of all bears, enthusiastically roll in horse manure — the fresher the better — leaving their entire bodies liberally covered in fresh feces.  But the pandas are doing it for a good reason; these poo “baths” […]

Giant pandas may roll in horse poop to feel warm

It was a strange sight: In the winter of 2007, scientists in China spotted a wild giant panda romping about in horse manure, diligently smearing itself with excrement until its fur became a poo-muddled mess. It wasn’t the last time the researchers would spot this strange behavior. But figuring out why pandas do this would […]

DNA in fringe-lipped bat poop reveals unexpected eating habits

Hypothesized approach of a sleeping white-necked jacobin, Florisuga mellivora, by the fringe-lipped bat, Trachops cirrhosus. Credit: Amy Koehler Poop is full of secrets. For scientists, digging into feces provides insights into animal diets and is particularly useful for understanding nocturnal or rare species. When animals eat, prey DNA travels all the way through animal digestive […]