No-till practices in vulnerable areas significantly reduce soil erosion — ScienceDaily

Soil erosion is a major challenge in agricultural production. It affects soil quality and carries nutrient sediments that pollute waterways. While soil erosion is a naturally occurring process, agricultural activities such as conventional tilling exacerbate it. Farmers implementing no-till practices can significantly reduce soil erosion rates, a new University of Illinois study shows. Completely shifting […]

Medical experts have uncovered more evidence of sterilization practices on women held by ICE

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has come under new scrutiny after several reports of illegal and inhumane medical practices at a Georgia facility. (wolterke/Deposit Photos/) Weeks after allegations of forced hysterectomies and other surgeries at an ICE detainment facility in Georgia made the news, more than a dozen women are coming forward to say […]

Caption This! Best Practices for Live Captioning Presentations

Presentations that have captions are better understood, whether they are in-person or remote. Captions make verbal material more accessible to a wider variety of people. A study of BBC television viewers reported that 80% of caption users are not deaf or hard of hearing. During English-spoken scientific presentations, not-yet-fluent English speakers, people who […]