Flashy lizards are more attractive to mates and to predators

IMAGE: A water anole with a colorful dewlap. view more  Credit: J. Montemarano. BINGHAMTON, NY — In the lizard world, flashy colors attract the interest of females looking for mates. But they can make colorful males desirable to other eyes, too — as lunch. Assistant Research Professor of Biological Sciences Lindsey Swierk is the first author […]

Predators form an unusual coexistence in the central Chilean Andes

Pumas are the top predators in the study research area in the Chilean Andes. Camera trap photo by Christian Osorio. Credit: Christian Osorio In the high plains of the central Chilean Andes, an ecosystem consisting of only a few animal species is providing researchers with new insights into how predators coexist in the wild. “The […]

Crawling out of the shadows: Arthropods as vertebrate predators

New research is uncovering the importance of small predatory species in shaping ecosystems and managing threatened populations. Image credit: Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash Lions, and tigers, and bears! These animals immediately come to mind when we think of predators. Large apex predators such as these, regulate prey populations, influence biodiversity, and directly shape populations, communities, […]