Late rainy season reliably predicts drought in regions prone to food insecurity

Top: Whisker plots describing the variability of correlation between timing of onset of the rainy season (onset date) and peak NDVI (indicator of drought) in the following months for East, West, and Southern Africa based on Acute Food Insecurity (AFI) risks (Table 1). Bottom: Scatter plots of standardized anomaly of onset date timing and peak […]

Model predicts global threat of sinking land will affect 635 million people worldwide

A new analysis suggests that, by 2040, 19% of the world’s population – accounting for 21% of the global Gross Domestic Product – will be impacted by subsidence, the sinking of the ground’s surface, a phenomenon often caused by human activities such as groundwater removal, and by natural causes as well. The results, reported in […]

Brain imaging predicts PTSD after brain injury

Philadelphia, December 29, 2020 – Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a complex psychiatric disorder brought on by physical and/or psychological trauma. How its symptoms, including anxiety, depression and cognitive disturbances arise remains incompletely understood and unpredictable. Treatments and outcomes could potentially be improved if doctors could better predict who would develop PTSD. Now, researchers using […]

Model predicts where ticks, Lyme disease will appear next in Midwest states

Entomology professor Brian Allan and his colleagues built a model that can accurately predict future occurrences of black-legged ticks in the Midwest. Credit: L. Brian Stauffer By drawing from decades of studies, scientists created a timeline marking the arrival of black-legged ticks, also known as deer ticks, in hundreds of counties across 10 Midwestern states. […]

AI-supported test predicts eye disease three years before symptoms

IMAGE: DARC image (above) and corresponding OCT image slice (below) view more  Credit: Novai/UCL/Western Eye Hospital A pioneering new eye test, developed by scientists at UCL in collaboration with the Western Eye Hospital, London, may predict wet AMD, a leading cause of severe sight loss, three years before symptoms develop. Researchers hope their test could be […]

New model predicts that larger fish suffer respiratory distress sooner

Credit: Radboud University Large fish develop respiratory distress more quickly in warm water than smaller species, according to a new study involving researchers at Radboud University in collaboration with international researchers from McGill University (Canada) and the University of Montana (U.S.). This means that ocean warming triggered by climate change will have an impact on […]

AI predicts which drug combinations kill cancer cells

IMAGE: AI methods can help us perfect drug combinations. view more  Credit: Matti Ahlgren, Aalto University When healthcare professionals treat patients suffering from advanced cancers, they usually need to use a combination of different therapies. In addition to cancer surgery, the patients are often treated with radiation therapy, medication, or both. Medication can be combined, with […]

Deep learning predicts woman’s risk for breast cancer

OAK BROOK, Ill. – Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) have developed a deep learning model that identifies imaging biomarkers on screening mammograms to predict a patient’s risk for developing breast cancer with greater accuracy than traditional risk assessment tools. Results of the study are being presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society […]

High genomic variability predicts success in desert tortoise refugees; could inform conservation

Tortoise refugees with the highest genetic variation are far more likely to survive conservation translocation than tortoises whose genetic diversity is lower, according to a new study. The findings suggest that translocation efforts should account for genetic variation when selecting target individuals rather than focusing solely on those determined to be most geographically or genetically […]