Scientists encapsulate catalyst in a protective molecular sieve that selectively prevents undesired reactions in methanol fuel cells — ScienceDaily

Because of the many environmental problems caused by the use of fossil fuels, many scientists worldwide are focused on finding efficient alternatives. Though high hopes have been placed on hydrogen fuel cells, the reality is that transporting, storing, and using pure hydrogen comes with a huge added cost, making this process challenging with current technology. […]

Periodic shot prevents HIV better than daily pill in at-risk women

Worldwide, nearly half of new HIV infections among adults in 2019 occurred in women. Yet a long list of obstacles has kept many women from taking advantage of medicine that can prevent an HIV infection. Recent, promising news about a different HIV prevention regimen could help. A long-acting injection of an HIV drug given once […]

Dual brake on transport protein prevents cells from exploding

The structure of ABC transporter OpuA was determined in five conformational states. The conformation in which OpuA has transferred the substrate (red) from the receptor (blue) to the transport domain (green) is shown in the cartoon. The scaffold of the membrane is shown in yellow, and the motor unit that uses ATP to drive the […]